MIA – My Italian Ancestry was born from the desire to fulfill the wishes of many Italian ancestors’ descendants who, like you, want to know more about their own family history. 

With a deep expertise in family history and genealogy research, combined with a great experience in travels and tours planning, we have created unique solutions to offer you a special service.

genealogy research and travels planning

Your reference point in the research of your Italian ancestors

Discovering your own roots is an exciting and educational experience, which reveals more of your identity and establishes new and important bonds. For this reason we have decided to make it even more extraordinary and deepening the research by offering bespoke genealogy tours in Italy. This would be your chance to reconnect with your family history and also get to know first-hand the places and people who are still part of it. For us, this is an opportunity to put what we do best at the service of the people we meet, with the aim of enriching their lives with memories and moments that will stay with them forever.

Our values ​​in the research of your Italian genealogy

Getting to know new people every time and getting in touch with their family history is both an honor and a responsibility for us. We know how important and unique each family story is so we always make sure to do everything possible to respect it. As a matter of gact, in each research we always guarantee:


Our experience is at your service and we ensure you that our research on your Italian ancestry will be as much detailed and accurate as possible. In a genealogy research it often happens that the sources might be unreliable or that the first information we get does not reveal the whole truth. That’s why we always make sure to confirm and contextualize any information we collect. In order to find all the necessary clues, we take advantage of our deep knowledge on the dynamics of emigration and of our ability to reconstruct sources, etymologies and documents that are not always easy to decipher.


One of the strengths of MIA – My Italian Ancestry is the empathy and familiarity that we immediately establish with our customers. To us it is very important to offer you a positive and rewarding experience not only professionally but also personally, welcoming you warmly and giving you all the attention your adventure deserves. It is no coincidence that our customers often become true friends.


Nothing is more intimate than our family history, which is why we treat each research as a unique experience for our clients. Based on your requests and needs, we will make your journey through your Italian genealogy as exclusive and inimitable as a tailor-made suit. Emotions are always an important part of our work and we want to treat them with care and delicacy.

Who we are

Andrea Barbera

Founder and Tour Leader

Cosimo Giachetti

Archaeologist and Genealogist

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