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In your family history is there any Italian ancestor who decided to start a new life in the country where you were born? If yes, the need to travel and explore new worlds is in your DNA.

MIA – My Italian Ancestry is the point of reference for all the descendants of Italians living abroad who want to retrace their family footsteps, to discover their origins. With passion and professionalism, my collaborators and I are ready to help you reconnect with your roots. Our expertise is at your disposal: starting from the research of the necessary documents to obtain Italian citizenship to the reconstruction of your family tree in order for you to get to know the history of your ancestors. Do you want to live the magic of a journey into your past? Then experience a genealogy tour to discover the places, the stories and the members of your family that you’ve always wanted to meet.

Our genealogy research services to rediscover your Italian roots

Do you want to know more about your Italian identity? Here’s how we can help you; choose among our genealogy services the one that work best for you:

Italian citizenship by descent

Have you been told that obtaining Italian citizenship is difficult? Our genealogy research team is ready to find all the necessary documents to prove your Italian origins, in order for you to apply in a short period of time for the Italian citizenship and take advantage of all the benefits of being an authentic Italian.

Genealogy tour in Italy

Have you always dreamed of visiting the places where your ancestors belonged to embrace your Italian roots? There is no greater satisfaction for us than seeing the emotion on our customers’ faces when they discover their family birth places. A unique opportunity to get to know the culture, landscapes and sometimes even meet relatives who are part of your Italian family.

Genealogy Research

Would you like to find out who your ancestors are, what job they did and which experiences they lived before you were born? Starting from the information you have at your disposal, our expert genealogists sift through archives and historical documents to reconstruct your family tree. An exciting experience to learn more about your identity, to tell and hand down to future generations as well.
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